Evangelist for clean

Not affiliated with any manufacture......
Just an Evangelist for clean.

Not affiliated with any manufacture......
Just an Evangelist for great toilet seats!

Living in Japan for many years, I have to say I love Japan. Great Technology.
Sometimes I would ask "why", but then I was full on board with whatever it was. "Washlet" was one of these "why" type products. Do you know what this is?
Heated toilet seat with a built in bidet. Yes, that is right it will spray you "there" after you are done.
Washlet is actually a the product name for Toto, the largest plumbing dudes in Japan.
They make toilets, sinks, tubs......and of course washlets.
I think everyone should have one.....
I had one at my home in Japan and when we did our remodel on our home in the States it was a must.
I have to warn you that they can be a little spendy and you will want to have the wiring for an outlet behind your toilet. (ground fault around water of course).
Running extension cords across the floor of your bathroom....not a good idea

We got the Toto Washlet online for about $660.00 or so....Yes for a toilet seat! Building the cost into the cost of the remodel and amortizing it was not so bad. (= rationalization) I would do it all over again.
The Washlet has the heated seat and bidet as I mentioned, but it also has many more features.
A charcoal filter fan the filters the smell as you "go" and a nice little remote for all the functions that fit on the wall.

Toto is by far the best manufacture of these, but there are several others out there. Panasonic as well as few brands from Korea.

If the problem is "roids", (I don't mean the Barry Bonds type that would be steroids) hemorrhoids, this is the answer. Nothing more painful or a bigger pain in the but (yes it is a pun) and no fun at all.

These days there are so many now features being added that it is hard to keep up.